Tempo Consulting
Expertise … Responsiveness … Reliability

Why are these qualities so difficult to find when looking for an IT professional?

I founded Tempo Consulting with the goal of providing top-notch expertise and professional service. I pride myself on being able to bridge the gap between the business and technical worlds.

All too often I find that IT pros and programmers are more interested in doing what they think is fun or cool, regardless of whether or not their solution will actually do what you need in a stable and reliable manner for years to come. That’s not my approach. I take the time to understand your business needs and objectives so that I can come up with the right solution that will fit your specific requirements, timeframe and budget.

Whether you’re looking for a web site, a custom integration solution, payment processing, or just need someone knowledgeable to help you sort out a technical problem you’re struggling with, I am certain I can help. Let’s get started!